great expectations.


The Dream is over, Travelling the World for the last 20 years and more, meeting great people and doing things only people dream about.

From Miami to Goa, then Thailand and Vietnam the experience has been priceless, the friends that will stay forever.

But now time to simplify my Life. some people thing I am crazy, but living the dream with visa’s and no health care, pension in a foreign country is a big challenge.

So it’s back to Ireland, Cork colder weather but warmer hearts, I know the Irish economy has been rock bottom for a few years but I still see the chance to work for the next 15 years or more, I have learned how to enjoy the simple life and things in life. A warm bed and a full stomach is all I need.

many people have been emigrating for a long time, but later they too will bring their experiences back home and make Ireland a great place again.

after 3 months in ireland and a broken promise by the Irish Government, I was back to Thailand, Now 50 with the business in a new direction and a 6 year old sisiter life certainly changes day by day.


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