People who have inspired me.


I have crossed paths with many people, young, old, male and female, rich and poor. Some are just passing acquaintances some stay with you forever.

The first people who I looked up to was my godfather Peter Ritchie from Liverpool, Teacher and musician with a great outlook on life, always immaculately dressed with a goaty beard, could always bring a smile to anyone’s face.

and my Grandfather Charles Smalls bryll creamed hair and perfectly dressed always greeted people with a Good Morning or Good Afternoon, lead a simple married life, never complained even in ill health, Taught me to always tell the truth and be honest which has led me in good stead all my life.

All my family have shaped my life and personality but as a child meeting my uncle Sam Coe from Wexford, traditional old school polite and proper man, was a historian and guide all his life, could always count on a birthday and Christmas card with a kind word from him.

Friends have come and gone, some left us with dear memories, some with sad regrets I never spent more time with them.

from Brookfield school, making those first days memorable, and the bad days outside Mr Holmes office for the cane!

Working for Holland Hall Hotel and Presto food stores my first ventures into employment and working on Intercity pull-man working with great characters many who have passed away, all help shape my personality and out look on life.

Living in Miami meeting great friends as Dr Philip Chenique and my good friend Sensai Leoni from my martial arts days (Atemi Ryu Ju Jitsu), to Goa and Calungute and my friends there.

My Charity work in Asia meeting like minded people with the same goals in common trying to make the world a better place such as my friend Terry Donnally at VIVPS Vietnam.

Also the great characters we all know Mohammed Ali, John Lennon, Ghandi, who all know the importance of peace and working as one and that anything is possible.

We should always look to each other as equals, never look down on anyone. You never know when you might need someone.

Hopefully one day someone will look up to me and bring a smile to my face.


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