Ancient Aliens

I love watching this programme and others similar, our knowledge of life and the universe is so minute, we know nothing about our planet or what has gone before us, there are millions of question marks ? pyramids? people who lived before us who had extra ordinary vision? we just do not know what is written in history is true. Did the egyptians have electricity? We know the vikings found America, what else are we missing? Why so many civilizations looked at the same stars in orion for thousands of years, I think we are not alone, the evidence is over wealming.
If so will we be visited again? were does religion fit in, 99% of our ancient history happened before religion, people believed in the stars,earth, followed the sun and moon. are we going in the wrong direction?
We must be here for some reason, not by chance, but we are hell bent on destroying it, we should be protecting it, everywhere I look i see concrete, how can plants and animals survive to clothe and feed us.
We way we are going their will not be a planet for our children or grand children all we will leave is a baren planet covered in rubbish.


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