Our Brains


The thing we use the most is the thing we understand the least! Our Brain.

Why this year did America decide to spend millions of dollars researching and mapping the brain?

We have imagination but is it that or is our imagination actually the truth? So many people have gifts of mathematics,physics etc no 2 brains are the same, We are so different from all other animals, we understand time,life,death,emotion right from wrong.

But some people are immune from feelings, and some people have the greatest respect for others, cant we all be the same and love one another.

The great philosophers followed their dreams and understood them, if only we could tap into this knowledge. birds have a six sense on direction maybe we have more than the 5 senses we think we have.

We never stop learning, listening, seeing thing so much information we have to process everyday, if we could only tap into this we could understand so much about ourselves all the answers are locked inside waiting for us to find them.

our brains hold many doors but we decide which ones to open and close, maybe we should open them all and look inside. 


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