We all want the same..perfection.



Looking at blog’s, Facebook etc people young and old, we all want the perfect life. No worries, good health, peace,love etc

But why can’t we try and take second best, maybe leave a better world for the next generation. love thy neighbour not shoot or rob him, understand each other, what ever colour or religion, our lives are so short, War’s, pollution, greed everything revolves around money.

What if tomorrow there was no money? Fuel etc, the things around you what do you really need? you can learn to survive from one book, but you can’t eat a TV, how many hours a year do we waste just sitting in front of it dreaming.

We could be outside gardening growing our own food, herbs recycling our waste, sharing idea’s with people.

Look at the USA Today -50c how many people seen this coming or was ready for it? will it happen every year what are we doing about it? Ireland with its Atlantic gales and flooding crops destroyed, homes, it’s all of us who has to pay.  less we have less we have to lose. Is it a freak of nature or did we bring this on ourselves, global warming, cooling is here to stay unless we do something about it all of us it can only get worse.

We need to lobby all the governments to take a step back and re think what we need, food, water and a clean environment, create jobs that help us be self-sufficient, plant tree’s, recycle and educate.

Everything goes full circle so time to get back to basics and start living.


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