An Ode to Dreamers

well written wish I was so connected at 20



Many of us strive and lust

168354_1774809726621_4475330_n for such a thing. Jetting off to

far away foreign lands and

crossing scenic countryside

via trains and automobiles,

just to get our fix. But we

forget that adventure is

all around us just waiting to be had.

All we have to do is reach out and take it.


 Many of us spend our whole lives trying to break up the monotony of living. Even if it’s for a single second a day. We work our jobs, or go to school, or even live in our parents basements and wonder, imagine, and hope. What’s out there and how do I get it?

We dream, we save, we travel. Repeat. We dream, we save, we travel. Repeat.

We watch adventures on T.V unfold, read blogs from exotic places, and wish we could live lives like that. At least I know I’m guilty…

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