Happy Birthday to the greatest, Mohammed Ali proof that determination and faith can lead you to great success.

As the quote above if you never try, you will never get. how many times have you stayed in bed? never sent that last job application, taken the easy path in life.

We all have determination in life, If we all want a better life, all want peace why is there so much trouble and violence in the world. If we all try a little bit harder in life, the world can be a better place.

Determination, faith,belief cannot be taught it’s already inside us, we have to use it and train it, looking back and thinking what if, there are no if’s in Life. I believe keep moving forward, make decisions right or wrong, If you are wrong you will learn more, nobody’s perfect.

Take advice but the end of the day follow your heart, we all have our own path to follow, even if it’s a small challenge in life Determination will help you succeed.

This blog is giving me determination to succeed and move forward, make me push myself to greater heights, hope it helps you too.


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