Education needs change


Looking in the book store the other day, I could not fail to notice in the Education section so many familiar books. Apart from the basic English, maths etc the same school books I studied 30 years ago. 

Times change especially Science, Computing, Electronics should not the way we educate children and adults change too.

Question ? from all the subjects you studied before, how many of them you actually used in your working life?

Our brains are crammed with facts and knowledge till we leave school, you want to be an Accountant so study maths, you can work out taxes, VAT etc but in debt each month, the school does not teach personal finance, explain credit cards, how to budget etc

This is one example that schools should teach the practical side of life too, teach us how to think develop our own idea’s, be ourselves and unique. Most of the world’s greatest minds and most rich never finished school !

As well as the basics I think subjects should be added that deal with problems on a global scale, Poverty, Self Sufficiency, green energy’s, unless our Education moves forward, how can we move forward together. Maybe replace religious studies with study on peace and teach people to live together in harmony, We are not born racist or born with hatred.

We know we are living longer so a good idea would be the option to study longer, more fruitful and useful subjects.




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