Where’s your mind set at?

your mind is like a computer, nothing in, nothing out

MindMedicine Blog

Are you dominantly happy and feeling love? angry? feeling sorry for yourself? frustrated? annoyed? Or are you bouncing around all over the place?

When you can set your own mind (choose the way you think and feel) your world begins to reflect that. Your world is a reflection of your state of mind, your state of being. You see it is the way you are living and being in each moment that is creating your world around you…

Most people think, talk and act as though they are the commentator of their experience, instead of the creator of their experience.

In reality it is our state of being in each moment that is creating the world we experience…

Begin to create a moving loving and abundant world for yourself and others right now by expressing the love and calmness that you are through every aspect of your being. Don’t fight…

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