image A Dream for Thailand

A Dream for Thailand

A Dream for Thailand.
Long live the King.

Thailand must loose face and step back, We must change our desire for wealth to a desire for happiness and togetherness. you cannot eat money, We must change everything to the way it use to be, self sufficient farms, simplistic lifestyle, 100 years ago people had no electricity, TV, i pad, AC less crime, so why our obsession with corruption and greed, its in every corner and everyone is guilty of it.

The King has taught and preached to all his people that a simple life is the best, books, films and projects all over the country we all love to visit and read, but how many people have taken the step to follow him.
false icons on TV and people with power we look up to, we should be looking down on them, scorning and intimidating them for their way of life, bought with corruption, vice and drugs.
We all need to stand together as one, or collapse into a great concrete hole we are digging ourselves into.
We love to travel oversea’s to Japan, Singapore, Europe and look at amazement on the beauty and cleanliness, but do nothing as we walk out of 7/11 and disgard our waste onto the floor. We never think about how the tourists see it the opposite way round, Thailand a land of rubbish, corruption, scams do we want to be know as a 3 rd world country.
We need to stand up and be counted before its to late, only us as Thai people can makes things better nobody will do it for us.
listen to the king and your path will be a straight and true one


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