Cork here I come!



One week to go ! Cork here I come, A sense of adventure is building up, little nervous first time back in Ireland for 25 years ! People think I am crazy leaving Bangkok for a cold, wet climate, but the reality is I am not getting any younger years of being self-employed and travelling the world, It’s time to set down some firm roots. with visa’s and a bad economy in Asia its time to go back home.

quite relieved by the number of job vacancies on-line, plenty of jobs to apply for, hoping my past experience and knowledge will put me into a good position.

I have been used trying to keep cool, now it will be trying to keep warm and dry, coats hat and jumpers all packed.

Travelling around the world the cost of living is balancing out, most supermarket items are the same price all around the world but in Asia, rent is high and salaries are low.

hoping the waistline stays the same with the change from rice back to potatoes, but I love fresh Vegetables and fish so looking forward to doing some good home cooking again.

If you see someone looking for directions and shivering to death, wrapped up like an Eskimo say “HI” to me.

and looking forward to making many new friends.

I am sure it will be all GRAND.


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