image Basic wage !!

Basic wage !!

After 3 months I realise why so many Irish have left, basic wages ! school leaver, college student, experienced worker 90% of jobs are only offering basic wages and short contracts. I cant believe jobs that I had in the UK 20 years ago paid more thats whats on offer today. experience, skills, etc. and the job offers 8.65. recently went for an interview one part time job on offer they invited 120 people? what a waste of time and resources. but even looking around there are still companies employing europeans for under the minimum wage, 50e a day. good little number in my area, work couple of years, get citizenship then sit at home on benefits.
I just wanted a steady job with a living wage, but looks like back to Thailand for me. there is no hope for people to return or immigrate back, maybe one day the only true Irish will be the ones abroad.


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