Permaculture Principles

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The core values of Permaculture are: Caring for the earth, caring for people and the return of surplus.

There are 12 design principles which are 1 – observe and interact

2- catch and store energy, 3 – obtain a yield, 4 – apply self evaluation and accept feedback, 5 – use and value renewable resources and services, 6- produce no waste (recycle), 7 – design from patterns to details, 8 – integrate rather than segregate, 9 – use small and slow motions (as small ecosystems are easier to manage than big ones), 10 – use and value diversity, 11 – use edges and value the marginal (the interactions between things creates the most interesting results) and finally 12 – creatively use and respond to change.

These principles are not only the basis of permaculture farming, but the basis on which we wish to proceed in creating a sustainable way of…

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