Democracy Dies in Thailand but Few Seem to Mourn its Passing

The PT stole billions of dollars and ruined the country with its policy’s about rice and easy car loans, now we have millions of used cars nobody wants and millions of tons of rice rotting away.
corruption is down and life is getting better without taxsin and family.

A savage dissection of Thai society

Peace When the Thai government (junta) wish to keep its people informed of their latest hair brained scheme, they introduce themselves by hijacking all the channels and putting this on the screens for five minutes before the unveiling of their newest master plan.

The “death of democracy” has not left much of a vacuum in Thailand. It was more like the death of somebody’s old uncle, whose name had been familiar in the household for many years, but who died, where he had always lived, in some far-off town the family never quite got around to visiting — although they had always meant to, or at least that’s what they said.

If there is one profound reality in Thai politics it is the fact that this country has absolutely no democratic tradition, and any attempt to introduce one is going to meet violent opposition. The people who need democracy don’t even…

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