100 Years then rewind life !

organic lifestyle

We have advanced with technology wifi, internet and communication. But in the last 100 years or so we have over complicated and destroyed the planet and our way of living. In the past all the farming was organic with a bit of manure here or there, all our products were sourced local and fresh, no obesity or diseases we can not spell. No fast foods or high rates of cancer, see the link, more processed foods we have develops the more cancers we have.

luckily a few people have started seeing the light and returning to the traditional ways of farming and living, I never wanted a 30 year mortgage or a credit card and car loan, then work 40 hrs a week to pay my debts and feed the corporations pockets

I would like to leave something behind other than debt and a concrete box,

want to be of the people who live off grid semi permaculture in a cob house looking after the land so it can feed me.

the faster we can change our ways quicker we can heal the planet and live in peace with each other.


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