Selling your daughter into sex slavery…REALLY???

In Asia selling sex or selling your child is a way of life its a job that can pay bills get the family out of debt not looked at the same way western cultures do

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ A friend of mine at coffee has been less than happy with my articles about Christianity, he contends that “You are too obsessed with the Old Testament Kenneth, it doesn’t apply today, so stop being so fixated with it!”

The problem that my coffee friend doesn’t want to acknowledge is the implications that Christians make about the Old Testament. If Christian’s simply said the Old Testament was a bunch of interesting stories, then that would be that. However, they take things a step further and say that the Old Testament is the very word of God the Creator incarnate, and that the various laws instituted by Moses came from the very mouth of God.

That is a tall order to drink, because many of the laws in the Old Testament are downright outrageous. Take for instance this little ditty in Exodus 21:7,

“When a man sells…

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