Thinking of coming back to Ba-NAMA republic of IRELAND? Think twice !

tried to relocate back but government help was non exsistant

Machholz's Blog

By Orla Dunne

Today I was shocked, horrified and angered to the point of tears. I have been looking after a lovely 82 year old gentleman (let’s call him Jim – not his real name) and his wife for the past 3 years. This couple live alone, haven’t required any help from the State or otherwise in the past and see me only occasionally. Jim survived colon cancer 2 years ago and has done well from that perspective ever since.
3 weeks ago, their world changed. Firstly their medical card was taken away – they were 4Euro over the limit allowed. Secondly, Jim had just been diagnosed with a new pancreatic primary tumour and had evidence of spread to his liver and his lungs. This is a terminal illness with a very poor prognosis.
Anticipating the need for palliative care imminently, we set about trying to get his medical…

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