Gout care

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over 6 months now on alkaline diet,  apple cider vinegar or bicarbonate of soda in water each night before bed.

no more anti inflammatory tablets etc

vegetarian diet even a small ammount of meat starts joint paint

bonus also you will loose weight rapidly,  feel more healthy,  no more joint pain in morning,  from gout weekly to 99% gout free.

have severe knee swelling could hardly do stairs now we stay in our shop home 3 flights of stairs many times a day no problem.

remember to eat pineapple or guave regular this keeps your uric acid to a minimum also little or no meat proteins.

all the crap Dr’s tell you about no cure is pure crap 15 years of Medicine and poor health cured with keeping my diet alkaline.

if you suffer and stress with gout give it a try.


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