Irish walking stick is a historic symbol of Ireland

great sticks keep the tradition alive

Derryhick Sticks

handyman sticks

Have you ever thought, why walking sticks from Ireland is so prominent and popular around the world? What is unique about this walking stick that makes it so popular? Answer is yes, this walking stick has its own history and it is finding only in Ireland region.

These walking sticks are also called Shillelaghs and it is short and made with knotty wood. The handle is naturally a big knot or a designed handle that is intended to fit the curves of your hand. Irish walking sticks are generally made with wood of oak or blackthorn and they are recognized for their dark black finish. Few shillelaghs are voided out using molten lead, which builds them weighty. The walking sticks containing lead in them are stated to as ‘loaded sticks.’ Shillelaghs are related with Ireland for the reason that they originated in or across Ireland and they were highly used…

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