The best kind of pandemic

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TTBformsPassion is contagious.  In fact, when we are around passionate people working toward a goal, only the dourest among us will come away without having at least a little bit of that enthusiasm infect our own perspective.  Examples of mobocracy, rioting and pillaging notwithstanding, the communicable nature of passion is usually a good thing.

This kind of shared passion also happens to be the guiding principle behind something near and dear to the hearts of many startup companies – including many fledgling hooch companies – today.  That passion forms the basis for crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

The premise behind these sites is relatively simple.  A promoter with passion for a particular project (or potential project) seeks to connect with others who have a similar passion.  By connecting, the promoter seeks to ignite backers’ desires to help move the project forward by opening their wallets.  And since the…

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