Vietnam International Volunteer Placement Service.


Vietnam International Volunteer Placement Service

National Volunteer Network team members with  trainees from “Hold the Future” centre in Hanoi

I met Terry just before he started This project it was just an idea at that time we were both involved in projects in Hanoi, I could see from his determination and drive that this was going to succeed, from the short time we spent together drinking coffee and chatting, I could see he was one in a million and if anyone needs recognition it’s him. I have tried to help as much as possible online, just wish I had more time to be hands on with him, please read this introduction below. keep up the good work Terry.

VIVPS is an Australian owned and operated social enterprise that deals directly with the Organisations that it provides volunteer services to.


VIVPS was founded by Mr Terry Donnelly and the programs and projects on the site have all been sourced by Terry as he continues to volunteer througout Vietnam. Terry is assisted to maintain the programs with the help of VIVPS regional volunteer coordinators. All of our partnerships are built on commitment and trust, Terry has a personal relationship with each of the program directors and is happy to call them all friends. VIVPS sources International Volunteers that help to satisfy the needs of those partners and their beneficiaries. One of the major projects that VIVPS concentrates on is the formation of our National Volunteer Network team at each of our programs right across Vietnam. These volunteers support International Volunteers, provide sustainable volunteerism to each of our programs, and help to promote Cultural Exchange.

Terry first travelled to Vietnam in 2007 visiting an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City and taking some time to see some of the many splendors that Vietnam has to offer.

“I am not sure what happened on that trip, whether it was the plight of the kids at the orphanage, the magnificence of the country side, the warmth and generosity of the Vietnamese people, but that trip changed my life forever”.

Terry returned on another two occasions before coming back in July 2009 with no preconceived notion of where this journey would end.

“I found something in Vietnam that I couldn’t in my world, a peace of mind and heart, and a love freely given and returned to the people I associate with, to me Vietnam had become an adopted homeland”

I have very little, but you are welcome to share it with me” a phrase that typifies this way of life.

For the past 3 years Terry has been working as a volunteer and although his primary residence is Australia he now spends the major portion of his life volunteering in his adopted country.

“I am a fortunate person in that I have a wonderful family, children, and friends back in Oz, and now have a family in Vietnam larger than any I could have imagined.”

Terry’s work has been primarily in the Disability sector working with local NGO’s in Hanoi on capacity and business development projects. Early in 2010 Terry started recruiting local volunteers for project development work with Vietnamese NGO’s. Each of our VIVPS programs now has a national volunteer team working alongside our international volunteers.

“This was a great initiative, instead of only working with one organization we could spread our resources to many, I give the volunteers project management experience, they have an opportunity to work on a sustainable project and to give back to their community, and the beneficiaries are the disadvantaged children and young people from the organizations”.


“The National Volunteer Network gives me motivation and a sense of pride in what we do, we don’t have aspirations to change the world, we just want to contribute in a meaningful way to the community as a whole”.

VIVPS will accept responsibility to grow this volunteer network on a national basis and a percentage of any profits generated through the enterprise will be set aside to further develop the network.

“I was once told that I was an idealist, I guess to an extent this is true, but if you never dream, then how can you realize”.

VIVPS and the volunteers associated with it share these ideals and realize that through hard work and infectious enthusiasm they can achieve  whatever is put before them. VIVPS needs the support of other volunteers, kind donors, and sponsors to realize these dreams, but together with a shared vision, high values and ethics, they look forward to any challenges that lie ahead.

“I cannot live my life for another; I can only share what I have, so I invite any international volunteer wishing to savor the warmth and joy of a truly generous country, to please find your way through VIVPS. We will do all in our power to ensure that your time in Vietnam is one of pleasant and lasting memories”.


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