Will the sunshine on me in Ireland.


New Year tomorrow, New challenges ahead, staying in one place is good if life is good. But by staying in a place that has many problems and challenges should we not move on?
Been a native in a foreign country was alays going to be hard, language, tradition, customs but in most Asian countries like Thailand they love the Tourist dollar, (come here spend money and go home) many people settle here have wives, children but the door never opens for employment, residency etc

Like many expat’s the time has to come to go back home, even with the thought of cold weather, higher costs of living, the move has to be done!

Staying in a Country with no pension, no health care etc is a worry as the years get on.

I choose Cork because I was raised in the Country and just dont like big cities like Bangkok 12 million people is 12 million too many for me.
I like to know my neighbours, make friends and have a slower pace of life, love my own home and a place to call home.
Want a steady job and a simple life. Everything else will follow.
So cheers and see you all in Cork.


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